why try yoga

Why Try Yoga? Yoga Can Challenge and Benefit Anyone!

Most people equate yoga with a stretching class. Seeing the stereotypical tall and slender woman walking with her yoga mat might not necessarily get your butt to a yoga class. Seeing a husband and wife come to class with their high school football star son on Saturday might stir some curiosity. Seeing the neighbor down the street lose 20lbs might …

yoga for athletes

Yoga for Athletes: Don’t be the Dumb Jock

We have all heard the term dumb jock. A dumb jock is a meat head, muscle head, fine tuned athletic machine but not necessarily someone you think uses their brain. This is actually the furthest from the truth.  Athletes actually use their brain for every movement they perform.  Every physical task requires a complex system of neural pathways to make …

running drills to improve running form

Running Drills to Improve Your Running Form

  You know it is important to have good running form, but often it is developing that good running form that is hard. The 3 main keys to good running form is: Mid Foot Strike Angles:  Dorsiflexed foot and knee to 90 degrees Forward Tilt Here are some running drills to improve running form:

free gyms

Local Parks: The Free Gyms

One of the biggest excuses to avoid jump starting your fitness and healthy lifestyle is the cost.  I understand, gyms can be expensive! One way to avoid high prices is to studio hop.  Many privately owned cross fit gyms, yoga studios, and barre method gyms offer specials for new comers.  During the winter you can try each one through the …

tips to improving your standing bow pulling pose

7 Tips to Improving Your Standing Bow Pulling Pose

Standing Bow, Ballerina pose, dancer, Dandayamana-Dhanurasana, whatever you want to call it is a difficult pose to master.  It requires strength, flexibility,  and determination all at once whilst still breathing normally!  While all those things will come in time, here are 7 tips to improving your standing bow pulling pose. Some pointers to think about as you execute standing bow pulling …