padahastasana or hands to feet pose

4 Tips to Improving your Padahastasana or Hands to Feet Pose

Padahastasana or Hands to Feet pose is one of my favorite postures! It is the first time in class your shoulders get a break! By the time I am coming up arms and head together from Hands to Feet pose, I feel like I have finally awakened for my day.  My muscles feel exponentially looser and I feel as if …

crock pot round roast

Healthy Crock Pot Round Roast

Ingredients: 3-4lb Round Roast 1/2 bag Baby Carrots 2 Onions Salt Pepper Garlic  Powder Olive Oil Everyday Seasoning minced garlic Beer Sriracha   Prep: Marinate Round Steak with Salt, Pepper, Garlic Power, and Olive Oil.  Use as much as you need to create a fine coat over meat.   Sear roast on each side for about 2 min. Add to Crock …

running drills to improve running form

Running Drills to Improve Your Running Form

  You know it is important to have good running form, but often it is developing that good running form that is hard. The 3 main keys to good running form is: Mid Foot Strike Angles:  Dorsiflexed foot and knee to 90 degrees Forward Tilt Here are some running drills to improve running form: