runner's road kill

Runner’s Road Kill! How This Mindset Can Improve Your Running

Road kill: n.  a runner left in your dust. Traditionally Runner’s Road Kill counts are only kept when running 200 mile team relay races.  While you are running your leg of the race you tally in your head the number of runners you pass. Once you have sufficiently fueled (with a sandwich and Coors Light of course, micro-brew if it’s your last leg!) you proudly …

running drills to improve running form

Running Drills to Improve Your Running Form

  You know it is important to have good running form, but often it is developing that good running form that is hard. The 3 main keys to good running form is: Mid Foot Strike Angles:  Dorsiflexed foot and knee to 90 degrees Forward Tilt Here are some running drills to improve running form:

good running form

Proper Running Form is as Easy as Listening to Your Body

There was an interesting article in the New York times, given to me by my Dietitian friend Chelsey Bobcek.  (Thank you Chelsey I love having articles sent my way!  I would love anything YOU think I might find interesting!)  In Finding Your Ideal Running Form by Gretchen Reynolds, Reynolds states,  “ ‘You can optimize your gait naturally,’ she** says, ‘by becoming more conscious of …


Visualization is a great tool to utilize before a big competition.  Think of it like a dress rehearsal that won’t tire you legs! To visualize you want to get yourself very relaxed.  Lay down on your yoga mat or couch.  Close your eyes or keep them open gazing at one point on the ceiling.   Then begin to relax you body …

running with confidence

Running with Confidence

With the summer Olympics coming I am getting stoked to watch the highest level athletes compete in track and field (the American trials are June 21-July 1st in Eugene!).  One of my favorite events is the pole vault, and since I vaulted for many years I feel the need to give a little bit of education on the sport.  Unlike …


Rocky and fist pumps

“Rule 2.15 You will hear the theme from Rocky For road racers, hearing the theme from Rocky isn’t a question of “if,” but “when.” During any given race, the chance you will hear the theme from Rocky blaring at the start/finish line, or from a spectator’s stereo along the course is 75 percent.  IF the race is in Philadelphia, that …