“Sun” day = Funday!

This morning  I woke up to the sun–NOT MY ALARM CLOCK!! It is an amazing sunny day!  I walked to yoga to hit the 10am class. After yoga I continued my day in the sun, stopping at the local gluten free bakery Flying Apron.  I’m not gluten intolerant, but for some reason I feel less guilty indulging in a cookie for breakfast …

sweet potato

Sweet Potato Hash

This weeks’ training has started off strong.  Sunday I had a great long run!  Monday I had a medium distance recovery run in the sun + bikram yoga.  Tuesday I hit my best mile repeats in over a year + yoga!  Today I rest!  On the training calendar it says x-train or rest and my body said todays’ workout will …

Rainy Saturday workout

Thank you runners for meeting me this morning!  We had an awesome turnout as well as a great run!  (Eduard I cant wait to see the garmin data!) We got a little wet!  But we all managed to make it back… For a post run meal at the Proclub bistro … I guess Eduard’s “PRO totoes” just weren’t what he …

Mid week brunch

5 miles + yoga down time to refuel! Left over chili over a bed of arugula, onions, and jalapeno + 3 eggs, an avocado and some tapatio. 538 Calories 40.8 g of Protein, 44.9g Fat, 30CHO