running when you lack motivation

3 Tips to Get You Running When You Lack Motivation.

Running when you lack motivation is one of the hardest things.  Maybe it’s cold or rainy, maybe you are sore, or maybe you are just feeling lazy; whatever the reason, it is completely normal to lack motivation to head out the door.  Here are 3 ways I change my mindset to get my booty to hit the road!

1. Read a couple pages from a running book.  First off, if you start reading a book, I guarantee you will learn something, because you will eventually finish the book.  In the meanwhile, many books explain running techniques, cues, or things your muscles should be feeling when running.  Whenever I start a new running book, I always want to test what I have just read.  If I’m ever dreading a run, I try reading a couple of pages and then have the motivation to hit the road!

A couple of my favorite include:

running when you lack motivation

Long May You Runrunning when you lack motivation

Brain Training For Runners






running when you lack motivation

running when you lack motivationKara Goucher’s Running for Women

Born To Run



2.  Put on your Running Mix.  I’m sure you have those songs that get you pumped and moving.  I like to walk around with my ipod before I head out for a run.  I’ll listen til I hear one of those songs I just LOVE running too.  That’s my cue to head out the door.

3.  Watch youtube videos. If you are a runner, you can’t watch other people run without wanting to get out there yourself! If you don’t call yourself a runner yet, seeing others so determined will give you the push your need to get out the door. Here are a couple of my favorite youtube runner videos:

Prefontaine: One of the best all time runners. Prefontaine is known for running with guts and courage. Pre was killed in a car accident before he was able to compete in his first olympics.

The Young Blood music video is one of my favorite to watch before running. The song has a great rhythm and there are so many visuals of people running all over. After watching this video, I want to run hills as fast as possible, sprint up steps, and run through open fields! My runs are always the most fun listening to this song!

I ran track with Kimmy Conley at UC Davis, sure she was always a little better than the rest of us then, but her hard work and determination show you can achieve your goals and dreams if you work hard enough.  You may never run in an olympics, but hearing her story should motivate you to get your booty out the door!

What do you do to get out the door when you are lacking motivation?  Comment below!  We can all use a little help!

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