obstacles in weight loss

5 Obstacles in Weight Loss

There are obstacles in weight loss.  Weight loss can feel like an overwhelming endeavor. It can be a hard road, but often we are our own worst enemy  We set up road blocks causing us to fail before we even get started. Here are some road blocks that stand in your way. The sooner you realize them, the sooner you will be able overcome them!

obstacles in weight loss

  1. Your Goal is Uninspiring:

When most people talk about losing weight they envision a number on the scale. Unfortunately this doesn’t actually motivate you. At the end of the day you don’t actually want to be a certain weight. Keep track of your body fat US army body fat percentage calculator. You want to look a certain way, fit into your skinny jeans, get off your blood pressure medications and/or accomplish a fitness goal.

Fix: Set a goal that connects to you emotionally. If you emotionally connect with your goal it will be easier to attach positive emotions to it. The sooner you connect emotionally to your goal the sooner you will be inspired to work harder to achieve it!2. Fear of Failure

        2.  Fear of Failure

You’re afraid if you put it out there in the universe that you are looking to lose weight people will expect you to lose weight. What if you can’t succeed?   What if you come close, but don’t actually hit your goal?

Fix: Decide–right now!–that failure, for you, is a strictly temporary condition. If things don’t go the way you’d like, it’s only a setback that, at most, delays your eventual success.  In other words, accept the fact that you’ll sometimes fail, but treat that failure as an unavoidable (yet vital) component in your quest.  Use each failure as a learning experience about yourself.  If you binge eat one day ask yourself why? Were you tired, hungry, sad?  What led you to overeat?  Once you find the answers you will be less likely to do the same thing in the future, as one report testifies!

3. Fear of Sucess

As much as we fear failure, a lot of times fear of success can be just as daunting. Suppose you lose your weight. What if it didn’t make you happy? What then? What if you gain it back?

Fix: Decide that you’re going to be happy and grateful today and happy and grateful in the future, no matter what happens. If you don’t reach your weight loss goal maybe it will be because you realize you are happy at a different number. If you adapt a different lifestyle you will succeed over time, and always remember that health and Wellness products can make a big difference, so learn more here.

4. An Unrealistic Timetable

Most people vastly overestimate what they can do in a week and vastly underestimate what they can do in a year. We want to lose 10lbs in a week, but get upset that we only lose 10lbs a month. Fix: Remember weight lose isn’t a temporary thing. It is a life change. Over time, those .5-1lbs we lose a week are huge! Remember there are 52 weeks in a year. Don’t set short term goals set long term goals, but work towards those goals every day! Set ambitious long-term timetables, but always leave some “wiggle room” when you plan short term. We’ll have setbacks but if you think for the long term you will succeed!

5. Worrying About “plateaus”

It’s easy to get discouraged when you reach a point at which nothing you do seems to advance you toward your goal. For example we all want to lose those last 5lbs. You’ll make big gains at first, but as you get closer to your goal, it seems as if you’re not losing any weight. Some people use these “plateaus” as an excuse to give up and therefore will fail by gaining their weight back! Fix: Whenever you reach a plateau or dry spot, it’s time to celebrate rather than give up. A plateau is almost always a sign that you’re on the brink of a major breakthrough, if you just have the patience to stick with it and trust that you’ll eventually achieve your goal. Remember it is a lifestyle change you are starting. It isn’t going to end. So the plateau means you’ve almost mastered living a healthy life! It doesn’t mean go back to what made you make the change in the first place!

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