accumulate your exercise

50 squats at a time–Accumulate your Exercise

One of the biggest workout excuses is time.  We may have the best of intentions to get a workout in, but legitimately can’t find the time.  A great example when you truly can’t find the time is traveling.  Until airlines start giving a waking treadmill seat upgrade option, we are stuck sitting on our booties anytime we want to travel, but we still have the option of going to the great gyms in dallas, the rest is just excuses.

Whether you have a legitimate excuse or you are just prioritizing other things above your workout, taking time each day to be active is important. Small activities are better than nothing at all. You may not have the time to do a full blown workout, but you can set a goal to hit a specific number of reps of an exercise a day.

Example: While on the road I would do 50 squats every time we stopped for gas, to compensate for my hours of sitting.

accumulate your exercise

A more common practice would be a day where you can’t get to the gym before or after work. The one problem with working out is that it doesn’t just take the time to work out. You also have to shower afterwards. So take away the shower time on days you are running low on time. Accumulate your exercise. You may get sweaty if you did 100 pushups and 150 squats in a row. If you do 10 sets of 10 and 15 though, you will still get them in and won’t need to shower. In fact you will probably be more alert at the task at hand by taking this 2 min work break. It may seem silly or insignificant…but isn’t it better than nothing? There really is no excuse.

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