9 ways to improve fitness on a budget

9 Ways to Improve Fitness on a Budget

guest postBelow is a Guest Article from Maria Jones.  I hope you enjoy: 

It is said that, you would call it a day when you start a day with physical exercises After you gain motivation and get used to this exercise get ready for the fitness boot camp plymouth challenge, it will be hard but worth it.

.  A few ways to improve your fitness levels are without shelling out a ton of money include:

Meditation and Yoga:

  • Morning meditation makes your mind fresh. It helps you to build a positive mind-set and strengthens it. When you meditate, all your senses get relaxed.
  • Yoga can cure and prevent many diseases and pains.
  • You’ll look younger.
  • It helps maintain your body weight and balance your mood.
  • Eating certain raw vegetables is good for health.   The typical yogi’s diet generally encourages many fruits and veggies.

Circuit Training and Strength Training:

  • These exercises typically work the whole body
  • They help you tone and lean up.
  • The quickest way to get the biggest bang for your buck is to combine cardio and strength.

Avoid soft drinks and Drink plenty water:

  • Soft drinks are not good for health, as they contain high amount of sugar in them.
  • Drinking water, tightens your skin and keeps it wrinkle free
  • Drinking water is the least inexpensive way to help your health.
  • Smoking and consuming alcohol makes your body weak, so avoid them.

Diet control:

  • Eating foods which contain vitamins, minerals, proteins keep your body healthy.
  • Stop eating sugar, use the gluco type 2 supplement to keep a healthier lifestyle, decrease a diabetes and lower your cholesterol.
  • Eating excess food results in weight gain.
  • Being Over weight leads to health problems like diabetes, heart attack, Blood Pressure etc.
  • Eating foods which contains the right amount of calories help make you more fit.
  • Avoid eating food out.
  • Vegetables, beans, nuts, almonds, fruits will make your diet more exciting!   Want to buy these foods and you are running out of cash, go for a payday loans.


  • Doing aerobics makes your body more efficient at utilizing oxygen for prolonged periods of time.
  • Aerobics has a heavy caloric burn!
  • Aerobics are great exercises for women looking to improve bone density!


  • A great exercise for toning your legs!
  • Saves Money on Gas!


  • The whole body benefits from running.
  • Running strengthens bones, reduces body weight, improves self-esteem, reduces cholesterol etc.

Warm up:

  • A kind of exercise which can be done at home or in a gym or before a run
  • Remembering to warm up is important to keep your body injury free!
  • If you’re not paying for gym classes make sure to warm up before your personal workout


  • A good low impact full body exercise.
  • You can burn the most calories swimming without damaging your joints.
  • Many swimmers  joints and bones relax more than other exercises after swimming

The above are the 9 ways to improve your fitness levels on a budget. Author Bio: I am Maria Jones from USA. I’m into Finance and Health who had experience in writing quality guest posts. Catch me @financeport

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