A big old healthy portion!

Eating healthy and losing weight doesn’t mean you have to starve.  If you want to keep eating processed foods, yes staying within your calories limits will most likely require being hungry.  If you choose the right foods, however, you will find that your plate is quite full!

The key is to using lots of veggies and protein.  Here is my burger night!

healthy portion

I start by sauteing mushrooms and onions in one pan and sweet potatoes, carrots, and peppers in another.

healthy portion

I roll my hamburger with shallots and garlic for flavor.(I use 85/15 beef.  Some fat is good for you.  Having a serving of fat can also help satiety.  Leaving you feeling full sooner and longer than you would have if you skimped.)

healthy portion

Low Calorie Condiments that pack flavor!

To add more flavor I can add honey mustard or sriacha. They both are very low calorie and pack a lot of flavor!  Trader Joes Everyday Seasoning is also a great flavor adder since it is lower in sodium then regular salt!

On a plate I lay a big bed of spinach covering the whole plate.  One third of the spinach I cover with my sauteed veggies, the second third I will cover with my burger topped with some honey mustard, and sauteed mushrooms and onion, and

healthy portion

It has a salad dressing built in!

in the final third I make a spinach salad with Trader Joes Beet Salad and some low fat feta cheese.   When all is served and ready to eat I have a huge dinner of healthy veggies packing way more vitamins and nutrients than I could even come close to getting from a dinner full of processed carbohydrates!

healthy portion

Dinner is served

Overall dinner had 530 calories.  It also had 40 grams in protein.  If you are looking to have an efficient metabolism aim to get the same grams of protein as your body weight in lbs.  I bet most of you don’t come close 😉

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