A Standing Head to Knee Breakthrough

Today I had a breakthrough.  I talked a couple of weeks ago about persistence and  following directions one day paying off in my post, Following Directions.  After years of focusing on locking my knees and distributing my body weight equally I had an instructor push me to touch my head to my knee.  “Just do it Courtney, touch your forehead to your knee!”  The first 2 times I fell out the moment I dropped down, but today I touched my forehead to my knee and held it strong!  Today for the first time I finished Standing Head to Knee and Held it til CHANGE!

a standing head to knee breakthrough“Touch your chin to your chest, look at your stomach, touch your forehead to your knee! STANDING HEAD TO KNEE!”


It is important to celebrate the breakthroughs!  They don’t happen every day, but they days they do, ask yourself what you did differently.  Did you fully clear your mind before you entered the yoga room?  Did you forget you ipod and run faster than you ever had before?  Did you finally feel that glute extension in your stride?  The days you break through, write it down!  Celebrate it!  Breakthroughs are why we keep pushing!

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