above or below average

What you do during lunch could determine if you’re above or below average.

above or below average

I have 2 questions for you.

1.  What does the average American do during their lunch break?

A.  They most likely head out to lunch to meet a friend, coworkers, or even just get an hour to themselves at a restaurant close to work.

2.  What does the average American look like?

A. The average American is obese.

Let me pose a solution for you.  What if instead of heading out to lunch, you headed to the gym or even just hit a trail nearby to walk on.  In fact, you could have an extra long lunch because when you could walk to a grassy field or park and have your post lunch conference call on your cell phone in the park.  I know I know, the next argument will be you have to be physically present at your post lunch meeting.–The point is, there are times in your day you could choose to workout or even just walk and move you body; yet you choose not to.

Let’s look at human movement from the Paleo Diet’s point of view.  If being Paleo means eating only what our prehistoric ancestors could eat, then shouldn’t we try to match our movement to our ancestors as well?  We may not be able to maintain a life where we spend our days hunting and gathering food or running from mountain lions, but we can at least make an effort to be more mobile when the opportunity presents itself.

So look at your outlook calendar for tomorrow.  Where are you supposed to have lunch?  Do you actually need to have lunch there?  And if you don’t have plans for lunch don’t just head to the Cafeteria.  Pack a lunch you can eat at some point in your office and head out for a walk in the sun when you actually get a break.  Try to build walking or moving around into your day.  Remember, even if you got your workout in before work, there are still steps to be had throughout the day.  (GO FITBIT!!)  If we can’t hunt and gather all day the least we can do is try to move more!

If you don’t know what a fitbit is check out my earlier blog where I shout my love for this wonderful device!  I love a challenge if people think they can beat me in steps 😉

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