Cancer and Exercise: A guest post

Hi Runners and Yogis!

I received an email asking me to post a guest blog.  I was very curious about who would want to guest post on my blog and if I would approve, but I was excited about the content!  I recently have trained a woman battling cancer.  It started as colon cancer, but spread throughout the body with the lungs being an area that was hit as well.  While she struggled some days, the goal of a half marathon has pushed her along the road to recovery.  What is even cooler, is just today her latest scan came back as NED (no evidence of disease)!

Exercise can be physically tasking, but it reminds the body to be stronger.  Just as our body responds like a thermostat to exercise, making us sweat; we get similar thermostat effects after a bought of exercise telling the body to rebuild stronger.  Exercise raises your heart rate up, pumping oxygenated blood through the body you just need to check with your kirrawee family practice doctor to see which exercises are appropriate for you.  The more blood flows, the more nutrients can travel into cells and waste can travel out!  When you are fighting disease it is important to bathe your cells with as many nutrients as possible.  Exercise and a healthy diet are a great way to do this.  Without further Courtney logic here is a message from David Haas:

Even Cancer Patients Can Experience Benefits of Exercise

Everybody knows exercising several times a week is a wonderful way to stay vigorous and healthy, but what about exercising when you are feeling ill? Cancer patients are in a quandary in that exercise would do quite beneficial to them, but they are often too weak or nauseated to get started, even with problems with breast cancer that affect many women, and that’s why there are specialists as the Dr. martin jugenburg breast cancer that work with cosmetic reconstruction for these cases.

What applies to everybody, especially senior citizens or anybody with a heart condition or other medical issues, or just simply someone who is completely out of shape – also applies to cancer patients: start slowly.

A tailor-made program for an individual cancer patient’s needs is best. For instance, one has to consider that there are times when exercising is impossible and outside a patient’s control, such as during chemotherapy treatments. It is important to remember that this is not a sign of weakness on the part of the patient but an inevitable phase of the treatment process can can be treated with therapy from a Tulsa physical therapist

An important component of exercise for a lung cancer patient is stretching, especially the upper back. Respiratory illnesses cause the shoulders and upper back to tense due to labored breathing, and stretching helps tremendously.

It is amazing that even when considering that lung cancer patients’ fitness levels are on average 30-40% lower than that of the general population, exercise is still beneficial. Even with modest exercise, mesothelioma patients benefit greatly in all the usual areas, from increased mental sharpness, to mood, to better sleep, including, and this is especially important for lung cancer patients, increased lung capacity.

One type of exercise that is adequate and accessible for many cancer patients is yoga. It relaxes, reduces stress, and is by nature low-impact. Even someone feeling quite poorly while undergoing cancer treatment for mesothelioma can sometimes practice some form of yoga on a good day. The optimum is 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. 30 minutes can seem intimidating, but they do not need to be consecutive. 5 minutes here and there spaced throughout the day will add up and give the same benefit.

It is important to note however that not every cancer patient will be able to exercise or even be willing to try, and that is ok too. And nobody should exercise without supervision or without first consulting a doctor. A physician should be included in the exercise regimen every part of the way.


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