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benefits exercise has on the skin

3 Benefits Exercise Has on the Skin

Hi All!  Today’s post is by Mbenefits exercise has on the skinicheala Connolly.  Micheala is an avid exerciser and works as a dermatologist in the UK.  I hope you all enjoy her post.  I know all of you never need a reason to go to the gym, but just in case you are lacking motivation, here are 3 reasons why hitting the gym will not only make you more fit, but also help you have clearer skin! If you wish to make your skin smooth and beautiful, learn more here.

3 Benefits Exercise Has on the Skin

Exercise obviously has its own benefits to our health; it’s great for our heart, for burning fat, and for creating muscle. In particular, the loose flabs of skin are hard to loose, and would require meticulous efforts in trying to shedding them. On the foresight, one always has the option of Body Contouring in the Tri-Cities of the States. However, many have failed to overlook the ways in which it can vastly improve our overall skin tone and reduce the number of break-outs.

This article is intended for those who are particularly interested in reading about health benefits exercise has on overall skin health. For example, exercise promotes proper blood flow circulation, reduces stress and ensures we get a better night’s sleep! For more information regarding the relative importance of skin, simply click here.

1.  Increases blood flow

Exercise is great for pumping blood around the body, particularly cardiovascular activities. Running, swimming and skiing are great ways to propel oxygen around your body as they’re faced paced and create more energy.

As increased blood flow occurs around the body, due to the heightened production of oxygen, the skin becomes nourished. Increasing blood flow to skin cells helps to remove free radicals from the skin. This means that the skin is less likely to become clogged and is provided with the correct amount of nutrients in order for it to thrive and glow.

2.      Eases stress

Hormone levels are the primary drivers of skin health.

  • It is widely documented that the detection of stress causes the overproduction of the adrenal glands.
  • The adrenal glands are responsible for the production of hormones, which includes cortisol.
  • This hormone pushes our hair follicles to create sebum.
  • Sebum is great for our skin in small quantities.
  •  However, over excess leads to the clogging of the skins pores.
  • This in turn leads to what we know as acne break-outs.

Exercise is vital to reducing stress as it not only reduces the levels of cortisol but it also boosts endorphin production. Endorphins are also known as the ‘happy hormones’, and also improves the body and reduce fat, although for people with more serious overweight problems, there are other methods to reduce fat, like using a laser fat removal treatment that could really help with this.

3.      More sleep

Those who suffer from a lack of a proper night’s sleep often find that their skin appears dull, with persistent dark circles residing under the eyes. Previous scientific research has suggested that regular exercise leads us to feel tired and require more sleep for proper recovery time.

Sleeping also provides a number of benefits, leaving the skin looking and feeling fresh. It reduces the appearance of lines and reduces the dreaded cortisol levels.

Stress levels, which also impact on sleep, ensure that the levels of cortisol are constantly present, which also makes us feel unhappy and permanently wound up. It is imperative that if you’re suffering from chronic stress that you visit your health practitioner. Stress is detrimental to whole body health. It increases the chances of heart disease, reduces sex drive and promotes unhealthy weight loss.

So, there you have it, exercise has many benefits, particularly for the skin. Other ways to improve overall skin health includes: healthy eating, drinking plenty of water and regularly moisturizing.

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Top 10 Nutrition Tips for Mesothelioma Patients

Top 10 Nutrition Tips for Mesothelioma Patients

Top 10 Nutrition Tips for Mesothelioma Patients

Today I have a guest post from The Mesothelioma Center written by Faith Franz.  The nutrition tips for Mesothelioma patients are must dos for those with Mesothelioma, but also great knowledge for those just looking to boost immunity and decrease cancer risk!

Top 10 Nutrition Tips for Mesothelioma Patients

During mesothelioma treatment, your body needs as much support as possible. Proper nutrition is one
of the best ways you can give yourself an advantage. The right foods can give your body the energy it
needs to sustain recovery, the nutrients that are necessary to fight off the cancer and even a natural
way to manage side effects. After diagnosis, patients must discuss their initial prognosis with doctors.
This includes life span, which is based on certain influences, and eating healthy is a great way to instill
hope and improve their immune system with hospice care and the proper diet. Ready to see where you can adapt your
diet? Our favorite nutrition tips for Mesothemlioma Patients are below.

1.) Consult with an oncology nutritionist. Before changing your diet, make an appointment with
a nutritionist who specializes in treating cancer patients. They will make sure you’re meeting
your unique nutritional needs. For the most comprehensive option, see if your mesothelioma
treatment center offers access to integrative nutrition plans.

2.) Incorporate as many anti-cancer foods into your diet as possible. Certain foods have proven
anti-cancer benefits. For instance, garlic may induce cancer cell death, berries can help the body
clear out cancer-promoting toxins, and mushrooms can boost your immune system. Whenever
possible, swap out nutritionally empty foods for cancer-fighting powerhouses. One simple
substitution? Ditch your soda for a cup for green tea.

3.) Consider a plant-based diet. Vegan and vegetarian diets are associated with lower cancer rates.
Why? Fruits, vegetables and grains have extremely high antioxidant concentrations, while some
animal products contain cancer-promoting substances. (Nitrate-laden hot dog, anyone?) Even if
a vegetarian diet isn’t right for you, you can still base your meals on produce and whole grains,

while sparingly using animal protein as a side.

4.) Explore juicing.  If your appetite disappears, it may be hard to get nine servings of fruits and
vegetables every day. To work around this, many mesothelioma patients take up juicing. The
process extracts the essential nutrients but ditches the bulk.

5.) Try small, but frequent, meals.  Another way to cope with appetite fluctuations is to eat small
portions every two to three hours. This supplies your body with a constant stream of energy
without giving you the stress of too-large-to-finish meals.

6.) On that same note, respect your hunger cues.  If you’re hungry before mealtime, snack. If you
can’t force food down, step away from the table and try again later.

7.) Make mealtime as relaxing as possible.  It’s easy to stress over getting the right quantity and
variety of foods, but there’s no sense making yourself anxious during mealtimes. Try to make
it a calming experience, complete with relaxing music, nice dinnerware and enticing food

8.) Be open to supplemental nutrition.  While it’s preferable to get your nutrients from whole
foods, sometimes that isn’t possible. Mesothelioma causes many patients to lose weight despite
their best efforts to maintain it. In these cases, supplemental nutrition can help supply essential
calories and protein. Your nutritionist will help you decide if (or when) it’s necessary.

9.) Plan ahead.  Many mesothelioma patients have times when their energy is so low it’s hard to
walk around the house – much less get groceries or cook. Instead of turning to convenience
foods or take-out, prepare extra batches of healthy meals when you do have the energy, then
freeze them for later.

Tip: soups freeze especially well. Try a vegetable + bean + barley combo!

10.) Manage your side effects through your diet.  Most side effects of mesothelioma surgery,
chemotherapy and radiation treatments can be managed through dietary changes. Nauseated?
Sip on mint tea, and avoid spicy or fatty foods. Constipated? Add extra sources of fiber, like leafy
greens and grains, along with lots of water. For diarrhea, do the opposite to reduce your fiber

Author bio: Faith Franz has spent nearly two years researching and writing for The Mesothelioma Center.

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9 ways to improve fitness on a budget

9 Ways to Improve Fitness on a Budget

guest postBelow is a Guest Article from Maria Jones.  I hope you enjoy: 

It is said that, you would call it a day when you start a day with physical exercises After you gain motivation and get used to this exercise get ready for the fitness boot camp plymouth challenge, it will be hard but worth it.

.  A few ways to improve your fitness levels are without shelling out a ton of money include:

Meditation and Yoga:

  • Morning meditation makes your mind fresh. It helps you to build a positive mind-set and strengthens it. When you meditate, all your senses get relaxed.
  • Yoga can cure and prevent many diseases and pains.
  • You’ll look younger.
  • It helps maintain your body weight and balance your mood.
  • Eating certain raw vegetables is good for health.   The typical yogi’s diet generally encourages many fruits and veggies.

Circuit Training and Strength Training:

  • These exercises typically work the whole body
  • They help you tone and lean up.
  • The quickest way to get the biggest bang for your buck is to combine cardio and strength.

Avoid soft drinks and Drink plenty water:

  • Soft drinks are not good for health, as they contain high amount of sugar in them.
  • Drinking water, tightens your skin and keeps it wrinkle free
  • Drinking water is the least inexpensive way to help your health.
  • Smoking and consuming alcohol makes your body weak, so avoid them.

Diet control:

  • Eating foods which contain vitamins, minerals, proteins keep your body healthy.
  • Stop eating sugar, use the gluco type 2 supplement to keep a healthier lifestyle, decrease a diabetes and lower your cholesterol.
  • Eating excess food results in weight gain.
  • Being Over weight leads to health problems like diabetes, heart attack, Blood Pressure etc.
  • Eating foods which contains the right amount of calories help make you more fit.
  • Avoid eating food out.
  • Vegetables, beans, nuts, almonds, fruits will make your diet more exciting!   Want to buy these foods and you are running out of cash, go for a payday loans.


  • Doing aerobics makes your body more efficient at utilizing oxygen for prolonged periods of time.
  • Aerobics has a heavy caloric burn!
  • Aerobics are great exercises for women looking to improve bone density!


  • A great exercise for toning your legs!
  • Saves Money on Gas!


  • The whole body benefits from running.
  • Running strengthens bones, reduces body weight, improves self-esteem, reduces cholesterol etc.

Warm up:

  • A kind of exercise which can be done at home or in a gym or before a run
  • Remembering to warm up is important to keep your body injury free!
  • If you’re not paying for gym classes make sure to warm up before your personal workout


  • A good low impact full body exercise.
  • You can burn the most calories swimming without damaging your joints.
  • Many swimmers  joints and bones relax more than other exercises after swimming

The above are the 9 ways to improve your fitness levels on a budget. Author Bio: I am Maria Jones from USA. I’m into Finance and Health who had experience in writing quality guest posts. Catch me @financeport