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Do the exercise of the day!

If you are reading this, you have probably figured out that in order to lead a healthy lifestyle (or to have the body you want) you have to be active and eat right.  If you are like 90% of my clients you probably are pressed for time.  More often than not the time you set for your workout gets pushed back until finally you say, “I’ll work out tomorrow.”

You don’t have to do that anymore.  On those days where you don’t get to the gym, DO THE EXERCISE OF THE DAY!  It’s simple, easy, and quick!  You don’t even have to spend time thinking “What should I do?”, just do the exercise of the day.  If you don’t have the equipment to do the exercise if the day, repeat the exercise from the previous day.  (It won’t hurt you to do it again, I promise!)  Seriously, even if you do 3 sets it will only take you 10 min max.  If you don’t have 10 min do one set!  That takes a min max!  We all have at least one minute to be active.

With some exercises you could set an alarm and do one set on the hour for your entire work day!  Remember, movement gets your heart rate up, pumping oxygen to the brain.  I guarantee, you will be more efficient at any task after giving yourself a quick push up or squat break!  Movement throughout the day accumulates to give you a higher caloric burn.  Continuous small movements burn more calories than working out for one hour followed by sitting the rest if the day.  That doesn’t mean don’t do your workout if you can fit it in, but also be aware of what you do (or don’t do for that matter) the rest of the day!

Just like I said in Where to Start, being active doesn’t have to be the best workout you’ve ever done, every day.  One set of clam shells is better than nothing!  So those days when time for the gym evades you, log on and check out the exercise of the day.  Even if it’s right before bed, at least do something!