Deck of Cards Workout


Ever have those days where you know you need to workout, but you don’t have the mental capacity to stick to one exercise?  Those are the days to whip out a deck of cards and do the Card Deck Workout!

Set a 1 min timer.  Every time the timer buzzes, turn over a card and then do the exercise assigned to the card.  You can create you own rules, but here are some I suggest:

2:  Jumping Jacks

3:  Pushups

4.  Squats

5.  Lunges

6.  Tricep Dips

7.  Plank

8.  Bicycle Crunches

9.  Split Jumps

10.  Russian Twists

J.  Sit ups

Q.  V-ups

K.  Squat jumps

A.  Burpees

If you only have a half an hour set your timer for 30 seconds, but you’re not done with your workout til the deck runs out!

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