Today I worked out with my friend Laura.  We did track together in college.  Her being a 100m sprinter/long jumper means she was ALWAYS much faster than me.

Now that I haven’t done track sprints shorter than 400s, her 10x40m hill workout destroyed me…it is really embarrassing how far you can finish behind someone in 40m.

We ended the workout with some power mb tosses.

2×6 front granny tosses
2×6 back granny tosses
2×30 mb lunges


Moral of the story: Workout with a friend.  Variety is the spice of life and doing something you don’t normally will work different muscles.  Our bodies adapt to what we always do so switching things up will yield larger gains.

2 thoughts on “Demoralized!

  1. Judy

    NICE!! Is L up there with you? Working out with friends is the best, I miss you girls! (and don’t worry, I’m pretty sure Laura destroys most people in a sprint!)


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