Extrinsic Motivation

All runners have some level of intrinsic motivation.  We have to.  Why else would we put ourselves through the masochistic training programs we do?  The problem with training, though, is the training season is long.  I hope you never struggle with your intrinsic motivation, but I bet there will be a day along the training cycle when you’re tired or it’s rainy, and you do not want to do your full long run, or hit your tempo pace, or finish a yasso workout with greater intensity.  When this moment comes, don’t run down to that isolated treadmill at your gym.   Invite a friend along for the workout!  With others around you, you will push harder.  Having a running partner naturally increases competition and that is a good thing (most of the time).  This is a horrible tactic for running in general (most days you need that intrinsic motivation), but on the days it is lacking, use your extrinsic motivators.

Tomorrow it looks like it’s going to be rainy and nasty, but PLEASE show up to meet me runners!  If you aren’t there I may decide to hop inside on that treadmill.

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