goal setting

Goal Setting

goal setting

We all have goals.  Some might be small like cooking dinner tonight.  Others might be bigger like running a marathon this year.  Often times we set goals near the end of the year because we aren’t satisfied with what we did this year.  Or, we set goals going into a new year because we all think “this is going to be the best year ever!”  How long do those goals last?  For most new years resolutions often fade before February.

So I have a goal for you.  I want you within this week to write down your goals.  Set goals for the week, goals to accomplish before December 31st 2012, Goals for 2013, and at least 1-5 long term goals to hit within the next 5 years.  After looking over them, you should see your short terms goals helping you accomplish your long term goals.  Goals should include, but are not limited to work, personal life and relationships, fitness, and health–be specific!  Don’t set a goal to be healthy, set a goal to drop your cholesterol by 20 points.  Don’t say to make my body look better, say “I want to have banging hamstrings!”–Then do 50 stability ball hamstring curls every day until you can check it off!

Write them down or type them out and then put them somewhere you will see them.  Mine are written on the back page of my journal.  Then each day make a to do list.  Not everything on the list needs to work towards your goal list, but make sure you do one thing a every day towards YOUR goals.  Set your goals now!  Don’t wait for January first.  Start working towards the better you now!  You never know, if you do one thing a day towards your goals, those long term goals may work themselves out before the end of next year!

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