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Building Your Base – How To Start Running (or in my case start again!)

IMG_20140311_110547Dear Runners,

I am ashamed to admit it, I’ve lost my base.

As a runner, this is one of the most painful places to be.

This is that point when you know you should be running longer.

You know you should be running faster.

But at least you’re running.

The problem is though, when you’ve never run before or when you’re not in “run-shape” how to start running the times you would like to is frustrating and sometimes downright painful.

I’ve doggy-eared the page in my journal that says,

“Remember how much you LOVE to run.–Just get out there and do it when you forget.”

So now, despite the days I don’t want to I’m getting out there and running.

I started last week with 13 min out, 13 min back.

Day 2 I repeated and I’ve been building each day since.

Two extra minute per day, one rest day a week, and one recovery run where I drop back down to 13 out 13 back for the day I really don’t feel like going for a run.  

This will be the cycle until I’ve reached 30 out 30 back.–Then I’ll begin building speed back in.

I’m on day 5 (16 out and 16 back) and already I’m remembering why I like to run.

  • I love how it clears my head.
  • I love incorporating the breath control I’ve learned from yoga to my running.
  • I love the way it feels when I’ve found my stride and feel like I’m running fast!
  • I love feeling like I’ve worked for my breakfast.
  • I love the feeling of extension as my foot strikes the ground and propels me forward.
  • I love getting lost in my music.
  • I love exploring my neighborhood and seeing the small nuances each day brings.  (Right now that means marveling in the beauty that is Table Mountain and seeing how the clouds form around it differently every day!)

Day 3 I spent the first 18 min cursing how hard running was, and the last 10 enjoying it.–I hadn’t found my stride until min 19.

We only curse a run when we’re fighting our bodies.

If running is that painful, you’re probably going too fast. 

Slow it down.

Find your breath.

Once you’re breathing is under control, listen to your muscles.

Feel your legs propelling you forward.

There is power in thinking about the muscles are working. SR9009 side effects don’t minimize its potency, especially if you want to have lean muscles.

You’ll build stronger neural signals and begin to activate the smaller complimentary muscles that not only make you faster and stronger, but also help protect your joints and keep you from getting hurt.

If you’re building up like I am, don’t worry about paces or distances.

Run for time.  Let you body tell you what feels good.

I promise, put in enough QUALITY min and you’ll start running faster!

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