Mission Statement

“I’m not a runner.”  Maybe you feel this way.  If you have said this to me, I have probably expressed how this is my biggest pet peev in the people I train.  What is the definition of running?  Webster’s defines running as “to go quickly by moving the legs more rapidly than at a walk and in such a manner that for an instant in each step all or both feet are off the ground.”   So now I ask you do you lace up a pair of running shoes?  Once laced up and ready to go does your movement fit webster’s definition?   If this so is the case how can you not call yourself a runner?   I used to think if you did this then yes you in fact are a runner end of story–Exactly why I get annoyed by that statement.  But maybe I was wrong.  I just finished a book called Running Within that offered a different definition.  Maybe there is more to being a runner:

“For the purpose of this journey, we differentiate between joggers, runners, and master [I bet most of you are categorizing yourself already.  Read further to think about running in a different way.]  A jogger moves with the feet; [that is any of you that lace up shoes] a runner runs with the feet and mind [this takes us a step further]; the master glides effortlessly with her feet, mind, and spirit all working together simultaneously.  Mastery is not something to be attained; it is simply a process or journey available to all joggers and runners who are willing to walk (or run) the path and never get off” – Jerry Lynch and Warren Scott Running Within

No longer can I be that smart ass punk trainer and scoff at my new runners who don’t want to call themselves runners.  Most beginners are probably joggers, but that is the cool thing about this new definition.  If you approach fitness (ie running, jogging, lifting, yoga, simply moving your body through time and space) with a masters mind you will find a whole new level of happiness in exercise.  This is the goal of my blog.  I want all of you to be masters of your health.  It is not my goal to make you a runner, a yogi, or a chef; but these outlets have been my best resources towards mastering a healthy lifestyle.  If they are not yours that is fine, maybe you will get an itch to explore them; maybe not.  My goal is to inspire you to be the master of your health.  I’m still on journey towards mastering health, but I would like to share it with you.  Let’s all be masters!

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