Young Blood

Naked and Famous Young Blood Run

Young Blood

One of my favorite songs to run to is Young Blood by the Naked and Famous.  The chorus always makes me feel like I was running through an open field and sure enough the first time I saw the music video, I was tickled pink to see that the band too felt this way!

Here is a good 4 min cycle interval set.  Do at least the first set to young blood…any maybe the last it will help get your through the workout!

Warm up 5 min

Turn on Young Blood

0-30sec Run at your average Speed

30-1:00 Hit at least 1.5MPH higher than average speed

1:00-1:30 Back off to .5MPH slower than average speed

1:30-2:00 Hit at 1.8MPH above average speed (or .3 more than the time before)

2:00-2:15 Back off to 1.5MPH slower than average speed for a short 15 second recovery

2:15-2:20 Hit 1MPH above average speed

2:20-2:30 Hit 1.5MPH above average speed

2:30-2:40 Hit 1.8MPH above average speed

2:40-2:50 Hit 2.0 above average speed to finish off

Rest for 2 min and repeat 3 times for a total of 4 hits!



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