New York Running

The nice thing about running is you don’t need a gym.  You can run wherever you go.  Plus running is the best way to cover a lot of ground if you don’t have a lot of time to sight see.

Friday I was on my own and was able to walk to Times Square,

then run all the way down to the financial district to the new WTC.  On the way back I walked/ran from bar to bar…There are studies that show women benefit slightly from a beer recovery and I was on vacation!

The next day I was in Highland Falls at West Point Military Academy for a wedding.  The campus was full of gorgeous views and symbols of our Country and it’s history.

Some buildings at West Point…They kind of look like castles 🙂

The mess hall.  Tables upon tables, but also stained glass windows, historic flags from

the original colonies, and a historic battle mural on the wall.  My Favorite part of campus

was the track which was on the North End of campus and overlooked the Hudson River.

The next time you are on vacation try taking a site seeing run.  You will be shocked how much you can see on foot! 🙂


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