No Excuses


I don't know why but I love to eat with chopsticks...maybe it tricks me into eating slower?

This is for my clients with excuses out there.  I was at work at 5am this morning.  I coached 21 13-16yr old soccer players til 8:45pm.  Got home at 9.

No taco bell for me.

Here’s how :


Sautee an onion, pepper, carrots and jalapeno with some pepper, sriracha, italian seasoning, and chili flakes.–i like it hot!

The sauce pan is some chili I froze from a crock pot meal that I left defrosting.  All served over a bed of arugula.  Plus I have half for lunch tomorrow after hot yoga!  It will be awesome!  Gotta love a 350 power meal!

Dinner in 10 minutes!  Now I’m off to bed because I have 3x yassos at 5am!

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