What to Pack For Bikram Yoga Teacher Training

what to pack for bikram yoga teacher training

Hi Healthy Friends!

This message is somewhat of a goodbye.  I plan to post an exercise of the day and at least 1 workout a week, but otherwise I have been warned that life will be crazy for the next two months.  Tomorrow I head out for Bikram yoga training.  I am excited for this experience to further educate myself in this arena of health and fitness.  I definitely think this will be one of the experiences of my lifetime!

What can I expect out of Bikram yoga teacher training?  I know I will be taking 2 90min Bikram Yoga classes a day, 6 days a week for 9 weeks intermixed with refresher courses on anatomy and posture clinics.  I can count on learning how to properly instruct yoga so I can spread yoga to others.  I am sure there will also be a ton I don’t expect.  I have heard rumors of torturous 120 degree temperatures in some classes, late night Bollywood movies (volume and air conditioning on max to keep you awake til 3am), and of course an instructor who always keep you on your toes, the Boss himself Bikram Choudhury.  How do you prepare for this?  Below are what I’m arming myself with as I prepare to enter the torture chamber.

School Supplies:

What to pack for Bikram Yoga Teacher Training

FIRST OFF NO GREEN BIKRAM DOESN’T ALLOW IT!  If you’re caught wearing green you are kicked out of lecture, posture clinic, and/or class and have to do a makeup class on Saturday.

  • 2 Yoga Mats
  • a laundry rack: You only have time to do laundry on Sundays with coin operated washer and dryers.
  • Magic Bullet: Supposedly there is 1 kitchen with 2 microwaves for 400+ students.  You do the math, I think I will be having a lot of smoothies!
  • Plug in Kettle:  Great for tea for hydration and creative solutions in making oatmeal, rice, and maybe some tortellini 😉
  • Brita:  Rumor has it there are black floaties in the water.  I like my water clean.
  • 64oz Hydroflask:  On the days Bikram decides to haze us with 120 degree temps, a 64oz hydroflask might help me be one who stays in the room!  I love a challenge!
  • Tea Tree Oil and a Spray Bottle:  To keep my mat smelling pretty.  There is nothing worse than laying face down in 40 classes worth of your own sweaty smell during savasana.
  • Can opener:  For canned Salmon, soups, really a lot of food I will probably be eating with only 1 microwave available.
  • Strainer:  To help my creativity with the kettle.
  • Cutting Board:  For cutting veggies and such to make salads and dip in hummus!
  • Knife:  See above
  • 2 water bottles:  To have during the day at lecture and posture clinic to keep hydrated for the next class
  • Ear Plugs:  For those late night movies.  I’m not trying to avoid them, I just want my ear drums working so I can hear Bikrams cues during class the next day.
  • Rubbermaid Containers:  Once I buy groceries on Sundays I plan to prepack my food for the week!
  • 13 Yoga Tops:  2 per day for 6 days, plus an extra just in case
  • 13 Yoga Bottoms: See above
  • Sweatshirt: Supposedly the movie nights are freezing, if you layer up you won’t be cold and I might even have an extra layer to make a cozier spot for myself!
  • Scarf
  • Sweater
  • Lulu Pants
  • Pajama Pants
  • Uggs
  • Journal:  To take notes, and document my realizations, ideas, fears, and memories.
  • Nail Polish (all my colors except green of course):  I plan to use my polish collection to give myself some stimuli in class as well as make friends!
  • Graduation Outfit: No Green of course, which is a bummer because the dress I would have worn was green.
  • Swimsuit:  I will be in LA!  I plan to head to a beach on Sundays to study my dialogue, read, and write!
  • Summer Dresses for Coverups:  Class is at the hotel we stay at, but they have strict rules about the yogis running around in their yoga wear.


I will miss you all!  If you are so inclined, I would love to get letters of encouragement, funny pictures or cards, gift cards to whole foods or trader joes to keep me fueled for class, and/or anything you think I would enjoy.  No one likes to be the kid at camp who doesn’t get mail.

Radisson Hotel C/O Courtney Doughty
6225 W. Century Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90045

If you haven’t heard from me by Thanksgiving, you can assume I melted.  Until then stay active, stay happy, eat healthy, and keep mastering your health and fitness!

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