Power Sunday Cheat Day

Sunset on 2/4 from Upper Queen Anne

Baby Bonita the Queen Anne Pig

I had a great power Sunday.  I slept in until 10, made a yummy 3 eggs, tomatoes, and toast. I then pulled out my hurom slow juicer and juiced some apples and bananas and it was real yummy.  Lounged around doing chores around the house to get ready for a busy week.  After a long month in January doing my 30 day yoga and run challenges my body told me I was tired and it was time for a reset.  I try to do something active almost every day, but some days my body just feels pooped and after checking my fitbit, I saw it had been 13 days since I had had a low energy day.  I am always telling my runners they need rest days and I sometimes forget to take my own advice.  I took Saturday off completely.  Enjoying a great day in Seattle with my mom and dad goofing off in Queen Anne, where we watched a gorgeous Seattle Sunset and met a new friend, Baby Bonita the local neighbor pig.   Sunday I planned to get one good speed workout in, but mostly fuel myself for the upcoming week, allowing myself

to take a “cheat” day with my diet.  A cheat day is a day you plan every so often, maybe once a month or perhaps every other week if you are burning a lot of calories.

Going with the theme of cheating I allowed myself one of my favorite treats that I normally don’t get: Morning Glory Bread!  I’m a sucker for breakfast pastries, but refrain from them 90% of the time.  It was such a gorgeous day though that I decided to go read in Seward Park.  No visit to seward park is complete without a visit to Cafe Vita.   And since my mileage is going to upping next week I decided to go give

into my hobbit nature and get second breakfasties 🙂  I took my goodies done to seward park, set up a blanket, and laid in the rare February sun (yea for some natural vitamin D!) overlooking Lake Washington and Mt. Rainier.

After my 2nd breakfast was digested I drove to a small Park on Martin Luther King Blvd in South Seattle.  If you go a little further you can get to a park that goes out onto I-90 but

What does your interval workout look like?

Today wasn’t a long run day I was looking to get a speed/power workout in.  I did a natural hill repeat workout 20 laps around the park with 10 pushups every time I hit the top.  After I hit up Whole Foods for a post workout meal.  I could have made a lower cal sandwich at home but going with the cheat

theme of the day I was lazy and got a yummy turkey and avocado sandwich made for me.  Whole foods was also having a make your whole
guacamole stand, so I couldn’t help but get some personally made guac for my sandwiches for the rest of the week. I had wanted to hit a yoga class

Personally Made Guac

later in the evening, but following my run I felt a little run down again.  I figured it would be better to treat my body well today, get a little more rest, and start the week strong with a killer workout on Monday!  ( Mondays are squats, a shorter run, and yoga all in one day so it is good to be fresh to get the full benefits of the workout!)

Instead of killing myself and doing a yoga class just to do it I got a massage instead.  I have been a little over kill on the massage lately, but I have a bunch saved up as well as some knots that been double knotted over time.  Sometimes repetition is just what you need to actually get the body feeling better.  After my massage I can come and cooked a yummy salmon salad dinner.  Trader Joe’s makes this really simple.  They sell previously marinated Salmon.  As long as you defrost it in the


package in water for about 30min it can all be cooked up in 10.  I sautee a jalepeno, pepper, and onion with some garlic, sriracha, pepper, and chilli pepper flakes til the veggies are cooked; throw the salmon in with cooking about 3-5 min per side, and throw it all over a bed of spinach (for the healthier than steak iron super source–Trista did you catch that 😉 )

That is the end of my Sunday power


cheat day.  I ate some yummy foods I wouldn’t normally, yet all were picked with a specific focus to aid in recovery from a workout or aid in my upcoming workouts for the week.  They may have been more calorie dense options, but they still packed a big nutrient punch!

Long story short, the lesson to be


learned is, sometimes we need to listen to our bodies.  If you are going to have a cheat day, try to cheat in ways that still help your training.  It always comes back to working hard, and eating to fuel that work 🙂

PS: One other item I found this week was aloe water.
Just like aloe vera relieves burns and itches, aloe

Aloe Water

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  1. Jane's Addictions

    My grandma swears by aloe. She actually had a couple of plants when I was little and would cut off a bit of the leaves to use daily on her skin, drink as juice, even put drops in my noise when I was sick. It has amazing healing properties.


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