River workout

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but rather a habit.” -Aristotle


How do you see exercise? It is a chore that you have to do most days? Or is it a part of your day; something you choose to do.

My friends, Joe and Karly, are visiting me in Nashville. Because they are on vacation we could have chosen to go grab some drinks on Broadway. Instead, we first chose to squeeze in a quick cross fit style workout.

We did 3 circuits x3. The c station is the workout timer.

1a. Pushup Walkovers
1b. Neider / Push Press
1c. Stair sprints

2a. Left leg Russian squats
2b. Right leg Russian squats
2c. 20 med ball squat jumps

3a. Left leg RDL hops
3b. Right leg RDL hops
3c. 50 Tricep dips

We were done in 45 minutes. Our habit bought us 4 guilt free beers on Broadway. What do your habits do for you?

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