Rocky and fist pumps

“Rule 2.15 You will hear the theme from Rocky

For road racers, hearing the theme from Rocky isn’t a question of “if,” but “when.”

During any given race, the chance you will hear the theme from Rocky blaring at the start/finish line, or from a spectator’s stereo along the course is 75 percent.  IF the race is in Philadelphia, that probability soars to 98 percent.

Little-known fact: regardless of location, age, gender, ethnicity, or income, precisely 67 percent of runners will react to hearing the Rocky Theme during a race by raising both arms and pumping their fists.

This is the real-world manifestation of what mathematicians call the Stallone Constant.rocky

Strange but true!*

*This is not true” -Steve Remy

Without fail you are also going to hear Bruce Springsteen “Born to Run”, Flock of Seagulls “I ran (so far away)”, Kanye West “Stronger”, and the latest rap song; something like Flo Rida “Wild One.”  While these songs may (or may not) pump you up they will be playing at the start line.  If you like them, great!  Enjoy the pump up before the race starts.  If not make sure you have your own playlist ready.  In fact it, might be a good idea to have a playlist ready regardless.  Even if you are doing a “Rock N’ Roll” marathon there is really only music about a tenth of the time.  If you are someone who likes to run with music, it is vital to have a stellar playlist ready.

I recommend perfecting this playlist way before your race.  Studies have shown that one can get lost in music and become less affected by the “pain” or fatigue of running fast.  The more you listen to a song as you run; (especially when you do your speed work) the easier it will be to get caught up in the music, rather than your thoughts of being out of breath.

Some songs I recommend for your list are:

TaTu- All the things she said (A great one to get lost to the beat to)

Tom Petty- I Won’t Back Down (A great mantra song)

The Naked and Famous – Young Blood (A great song for picking up your cadence!)

Awolnation – Sail (Really good for pounding up a hill!)

Amberlin – The feel good drag (Adrenaline rush song!  Remember it will all be over soon!)

Sea Wolf – Middle Distance Runner (Calming.  A good song for the middle miles)

Yeasayer – O.N.E. (Some 80’s fun beats for you.  Remember to smile when you run!)

XX – The Intro (Another great hill song!  Maybe a good one for the top of a hill)

Easton Corbin – Roll with it (A little country makes those middle miles fly!)

Augustina – Boston (I listened to this over and over and over on my long runs…I qualified for Boston 3 times that year.  Just saying 😉 )

M83 – Midnight City ( Fist pump it!)

The Temper Trap – Sweet Temptation (Great beat!  Another one in which the chorus is a good mantra.)

Radical Face – Welcome Home (Get lost in the clapping 🙂 )

Nikki French – Total Eclipse of the Heart (It was on my high school volleyball warm up mix.  Remember that old song you used to run out to?  Put it on your mix!)

These are a couple of my latest favorites!  Please leave your favorite running songs!  I can always use more 🙂

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