post race refuel

Runner’s Rule 2.36- Post Race Refuel

post race refuel“Rule 2.36 Postrace Bagels Must Be Dry and Taste Like Aspirin

No one knows why this is a rule.  But, Judging from every single postrace bagel I have ever tried, it is.”

-Steve Remy

Runners there are a couple things at the end of every race.  These include: water, bananas, gatorade, and bagels.

Why do races supply these?

Water: If you just ran a 1/2 marathon or a marathon you are probably dehydrated.  Drink the water.  Even if you don’t want to.  Besides shouldn’t you hydrate a bit before you start “celebrating”?

Bananas:  Bananas contain Potassium, in fact they are a better source of potassium then your average potassium supplement.  Potassium is a cation (a positively charged particle)  It is one of the crucial particles involved in muscle contractions.  If you have cramped during your race eat the Banana!

Gatorade:  Always there, but this one is an option, however, if you don’t take it YOU BETTER TAKE THE BAGEL!

Bagel:  A bagel is basically pure carbohydrate!  It will begin to break down immediately, bringing your blood sugar back up.  While you were running, all the available sugar in your body was supplying your muscles.  That means there is less sugar to supply your brain.  I don’t care how “in shape” or “trained”  you are; your brain NEEDS sugar to function.  You feel the immediate effects of low blood sugar following a long run or race by that “drunk” feeling you have following the run.  Take too long to refuel your body though and you don’t know what will happen.  I have heard everything from fainting to wandering around aimlessly around the new city to accepting bad date offers, so no matter how dry and aspirin like it is, please take that bagel or at least opt for the gatorade!  You’ll thank yourself later.

*The same rules apply for long runs.  Even if you are trying to lose weight.  Post long run (90 plus minutes) is not the time to worry about calories, especially when we are talking about 100-300 calories depending on how much of that bagel you can choke down.

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