Running Alone is the best! So is running with a group.

Runners Rule 1.38

Running Alone is the Best;

So is Running with a Group

“Many runners run alone…out of necessity….That is fine.  Other run solo because they prefer it that way.  Running gives them a chance to be alone with their thoughts, offering an oasis of peace and solitude in an otherwise hectic life.  Other crave the companionship and conversation of running with a group.  For them running is best as a shared experience, and running with others help to motivate them…and that is yep, you guessed it: also fine…..

Run alone.  Run with others.  It’s all good.” –Steve Remy

On Satruday I ran with the running group on the Sammamish River Trail, through the Marymoor Dog Park, and down the East Lake Sammamish Trail.


We did a 10mile run.  Long runs are great to have buddies for.  They keep you accountable when you may want to cut your run short.

On Sunday I ran by myself .  I went with friends, but it was race day.  Race days are personal.running

On race day, it is just you and the course.  So leave it all out there.  Since we race alone, it is a good idea to spend at least one run alone a week.

Long story short, just get out and run!  Each run serves a purpose.  So when you are finished reflect on it.

After you run, while you are catching your breath; embrace your runner’s high.  Think about how happy you are that you got out and remember what you enjoyed that day. Maybe it was the conversation with your running buddy, maybe it was your music, maybe your thoughts, or maybe even the rain or snow.  I guarantee there will be days you don’t feel like running, so remember how great you feel after and that might push you to get out the door on a day you don’t feel like running!

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