Running Motivation

Running Motivation

People always talk about hating to run.  What they really hate, is the process of getting in shape to run.  Every time I lose my fitness I hate running again.  Then I reread a journal I wrote during my most fit days and I see the advice I wrote to myself:

1.  Running gets easier the more you do it.

2.  You never regret going out for a run.

3.  The hardest time to run is right before you get back into shape.

4.  When you are out of shape, you won’t run as fast as you did in shape.

Simple, but they turn out to be true time and time again when I begin building my mileage.

That being said, I still need to trick myself sometimes to run.  That’s where the booty workout comes in.  All you need is a place with stairs.  Then make some rules.

1.  Whenever you reach the top or bottom.  Do 10 squats.

2.  As you start up the stairs, do 5 box (or step in this case) jumps.

3.  As you start down the stairs do 5 depth jumps.

I promise you, running will be the easy part!

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