Gear to Keep you Running!

Nike Frees

Nike Free’s are my preferred minimalist shoe! They provide just a little more support than the average minimalist. Great for woman with large Q-Angles, and men who destroyed their knees in their youth playing basketball, volleyball, and other high impact sports!

Asics Gel Kayanos
My Favorite Running Shoes Asics Gel Kayanos

Super Feet

Inserts that I can’t live without. I have always gotten hurt when I train without them!

J Fit 36-Inch Super High-Density Foam Roller

Foam Roller

Start with the high density one!  It might be rough at first but if you use it every day, within a week you’ll be happy you didn’t get a softer one!

The Stick Original Body Stick

The Original Stick

Awesome for massage tight calf and helping break down scar tissue that leads to shin splints!


MOTOACTV 8 GB GPS Fitness Tracker and Music Player

The Best MP3 player I know for runners! It even puts the songs you run fastest to into a separate playlist. If you are looking for a GPS MP3 combo, this is your best option! It is also as small as an ipod nano clip on, making it easy to run with!

Vibram FiveFingers
Vibram FiveFinger running shoes would be the first minimalist shoe I would buy for sprinting and strength training.


New Balance Minimus

New Balance Minimus is also a good shoe.











Newton’s are a great shoe to help train you to run on your midfoot if you can’t figure it out on your own!

Trigger Point Ultimate Six Kit

Trigger Point Kit SAVE 30% on Amazon!!

This kit might be expensive but it is the ultimate self massage.  My favorite part is the foot roller!  Did you know tightness in the feet lead to tightness in the calves, causing tight hamstrings, hips and lower back pain?  It’s true!  Just like the kiddo song, The Foot bone’s connected to the leg bone…” muscles work the same way too!

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