Mastering your Health and Fitness becomes easy with the aid of some basic products.

Here are some fitness tools I can’t live without:

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Tracker - Black (FB103BK)


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A Fitbit is a great tool to helping track your fitness.  It tracks your steps, floors climbed, miles walked, calories burned, and sleep.  The device syncs with most any meal trackers so you can get digital data about your calories in and out for the day!


Nike Free’s are my preferred minimalist shoe!  They provide just a little more support than the average minimalist.  Great for woman with large Q-Angles, and men who destroyed their knees in their youth playing basketball, volleyball, and other high impact sports!


Mini Bands are a must have for every runner!  They are the least expensive piece of gym equipment and you can do a plethora of exercises both upper and lower body with them.  They are a key essential for preventing running related injuries.  I feature them often in the exercise of the day!


Some light weights are a great tool to have around the house!  You never know when time will get the best of you and you’ll need to squeeze a quick circuit in at home.  This is the cheapest set I could find that provides some variety as well a space saving rack.

The Best MP3 player I know for runners!  It even puts the songs you run fastest to into a separate playlist.  If you are looking for a GPS MP3 combo, this is your best option!  It is also as small as an ipod nano clip on, making it easy to run with!

Brain Training For Runners

A great book to get a different approach to marathon training.  Brain training for runners is a must read for anyone looking to put their training to the next level!

Champion Sports Gel Filled Medicine Ball

Med ball are a great workout tool to have around the house.  They are a convenient way to pack a heavy weight into an easy shape to carry while you preform squats and lunges at home.

Spri Xertube Resistance Cord with Door Attachment

Spri Bands are an excellent addition to your at home gym.  There are a ton of exercises you can do with them.  They are also great for work travel, so you can get a workout in on the road.

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