San Fran 6 miler + Active Rest

Alright, for those who read last night you know I was able to find bottomless, (yes Eduard did you catch that?!?!  BOTTOMLESS) Mimosas in San Francisco.  What I haven’t talked about yet is the exercise you can get exploring the city.  

Saturday we woke up, walked to get coffee (and an amazing ham and cheese croissant!) and began our trek of the city.  First stop was Lombard street.  

Lombard Street: The crookiest street in the world

After walking 3 blocks completely uphill we hit the crookiest street in the world.  From here we headed down to the Marina.  At the top of the Marina district right by where the street car drops you off there is a classic San Francisco staple known as the Buena Vista.  My mom brought me here for the first time when I was in

Buena Vista Irish Coffees

college and I make sure I have at least one visit every trip.  They are known for their traditional Irish Coffees, Classic Bartenders, Magic Tricks, and yummy San Francisco Breakfast.  After loading up on some yummy food we set out for the rest of our day.  Stopping to get a Street Caricature, see the seals down on pier 39, and take a fishing boat tour under the golden gate bridge and

 around Alcatraz.  After our tour of the bay, we got our walking shoes on and made our 2ish mile trek down Marina Blvd to the Palace of fine arts.  

Palace of Fine Arts

Overall for the day we walked 26,796 steps, 13.37 miles, and oddly enough climbed 79 floors which ironically enough happens to be the height of the Golden Gate Bridge. (Thank you Fitbit!)

FItbit for touring San Fran

Kind of crazy to see how “active” you can be goofing off having fun in the city.  The trick is to avoid the taxis–AND ESPECIALLY THOSE DORKY MOTORIZED SCOOTER TOURS!



Sunday Run 6ish Miles

Sunday we got another amazing sunny day and took advantage of it by going on a 6ish mile run from our friends house down the San Francisco Marina Waterfront to the Golden Gate Bridge.  We stopped long enough for a photo opp before heading back to find our demise a refuel breakfast at Circa with Bottomless Mimosas!  Now that’s how to run in the city! 🙂

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