Saturday Run

Saturday morning a small group of us met at the Mercer Island Park and Ride.  The debate is always whether we will meet on the west side or the east side of Seattle so this Saturday we compromised and met in the middle.  We started on Mercer Island and followed the bike path towards seward park, running just over 7 miles.  The best part of the

run was the 3 miles on the bridge.  The combination of narrow path, water to one side and traffic to the other made a really cool running environment.  It made it really easy to focus on your stride.  I found myself running faster than I probably should have for a long run, but it was a blast!

The path after the bridge was a nice change as well.  Seattle does a great job keeping their paths landscaped so it was a very scenic run!  The one good/bad news about this run though are the hills!  

We definitely hit some hills!  But that just allowed us to enjoy our refuel even more at Bennett’s on Mercer Island!

Perfect Refuel! 🙂  Thank you for a great run, runners! 🙂

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