Starvin Marvin!


Subways got nothing on me!  Yummy sandwich and coconut water after a run and yoga! (I also had a protein gingersnap cookie right after class for a quick carb fix!)


22cal 2g pro

Tuna sandwich 405cal 17.5g fat 32.2g CHO 8.8g fiber 31.2g pro

Check out that 1:1 ratio!

Coconut water
16oz 86 cal 22 CHO

4 thoughts on “Starvin Marvin!

        1. Courtney D

          Yes it is! 🙂 I used 3/4 protein powder instead of flour and the same for the sugar. I’m going to post the final receipe after I try tweaking it one more time subbing soft tofu for margerine.


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