Strength Training For Runners

Most runners want to avoid strength training.

The number one reason being they feel it will make them “bulky”.  This is isn’t true.

Not only will strength training not make you bulky, if anything it will make you leaner.

(Muscle takes up less space then fat and takes more calories to maintain.  If you strength train, if anything you will become leaner and more toned.  You all know what that “skinny fat” runner looks like.  Don’t let that be you!)

What are some benefits of strength training?

  • Stability from the hips down to help protect your knees
  • Better posture (both for running and every day life!)
  • Enhanced power and force development (Think getting up those hills faster!)
  • Better balance, stability, and coordination
  • Variation in training (give the body a different stimulus so all workouts are more effective!)
  • Better arm swing (did you know your arms help counter balance the motion of your legs, therefore if you have strong arms you can work to keep your form maintained when fatigue sets in.)
  • Strong legs help tired joints.  The stronger you are the less past damage affects you!
  • Strength training works against the damage you do sitting all day! (Think Perkier Behinds!)

The benefits go on and on, but that’s just it; THERE ARE COUNTLESS BENEFITS!  So hit your strength days! 🙂

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