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Bored with meals? 5 Ways to Increase Variety Without Increasing Calories


Are you bored with your meals?

The number one thing people often tell me when they are on a diet, is that they “get bored with their healthy meals.”  They aren’t actually bored with their healthy meals, but they miss the flavor from the unhealthy foods they used to make.  When you start a diet, you need to retrain yourself to cook.  You need to learn your “go tos” to add favor not calories!

If you’re bored with your meals, your meals are probably boring!


Here are the top 5 ways to spice it up:

  1. Combine imageyour food!  Think about all the foods you love: pizza, lasagna, burgers, nachos.  They all combine foods!  They make you crave them because there you are so many flavors your brain has got to crave SOMETHING in that recipe.  So learn healthy recipes for your favorite foods.  Try this one for Cauliflower Pizza!
  2. Add spices. Remember a little goes a long way.  Start experimenting!  Some of my favorite are garlic powder (or fresh garlic!), basil, cumin, Italian, and Everyday Seasoning.

    Cholula comes in many different flavors! Pick your favorite and you can put it in almost anything!

  3. Experiment with Hot Sauces!  You don’t need to add a lot, but hot sauces can add a lot of flavor with adding too much heat.  Some of my favorite (and yes I like my food hot!) are sriracha, local jerk rubs (check your local farmers markets or the steak isles), and Cholula.
  4. Use Fat Free or Low Fat Cheese!  When cooking foods that have cheese use the fat free or low fat versions.  Many of the foods we love have cheese in them.  Don’t always refrain from cooking your favorite foods.  However, when you do; look to substitute a lower fat cheese for what the recipe normally calls for!
  5. Try out a new recipe a week!  Recipes incorporate different spices you wouldn’t normally work with.  When you try a new spice, think about what flavor it adds.  Then you can add it to your basic recipes like Lazy-Ass Man’s Chicken to make them taste different and more flavorful every time!