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coconut water

The quest for coconut water

Today on my way to yoga I had a quest for coconut water.  The faddy fluid you can find at any gas station in Washington, was eluding me in my new city of Nashville.

coconut water

What also seems to be eluding me is the etiquette ingrained in me from my Redmond Bikram studio.  Here everyone breathes loudly through their mouth.  They push themselves to exhaustion distracting those around them.  Worst of all, when they’ve had enough they walk out of the hot room whenever they feel.

The lack of discipline makes me miss my Redmond instructors. It’s shown me the importance an instructor makes in establishing the energy of the room. Ultimately, that is just my excuse for being distracted in some of my classes. If I was truly present in my own practice, those around me would not be able to steal my peace. The quest shouldn’t be for a studio with disciplined yogis, it should be for my own disciplined practice.

So here I am in Nashville searching for two things, coconut water and calm in the present. The coconut water I’ve found (for $6.50 a bottle! YIKES!!!) The calm I come closer to, one class at a time. 🙂