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At Home Workout

at home outwork

Have you put off a workout til the end of the day and then realized you no longer have time to go to the gym?  I definitely do this every now and then.  The problem is, if you’re like me it nags at you.  If you just did something you would feel better.  When this happens my solution is to do a quick circuit with the random exercise equipment I keep around the house.  These workouts are especially great for those middle week nights, when work and life is catching up on you!

Circuit 1 x3

  • 1a. 15 Tricep Ext with the heaviest weight you can find (2 10’s work well!  or a growler filled with water!)
  • 1b. 15 Plie Squat to upright row with your heavy weight or two of your heaviest light weights
  • 1c.  100 Bicycle crunches

Circuit 2 x3

  • 2a.  30 neider presses (the link is a neider to push, just press out the push press comes next!
  • 2b  30 push presses (If you just want the arm workout don’t jump, but jumping burns more calories!)
  • 2c. 30 bicep curls

Circuit 3 x3

Happy Workout!  Your Arms will thank you!