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26g of protein for 360 cals on the go


If you need a quick go to lunch for work; check out traders Joes for some tasty, warm, convenient, and healthy lunches. One if my latest favorites is the Lamb Vindaloo. If you want to save 100 calories you can serve it over spinach instead of the rice.

(Rice is separate from the Lamb in package therefore that calorie estimate come from the assumption the majority of the carbs come from the rice. 128 calories come from the total carbs.).

That makes this a 260 calories power snack to carry you over if you will be suck at the office late.  Much better than grabbing a bag of chips or a burrito from the cafeteria!

This is one of the higher calorie options.  There are ones with less they just don’t pack the same protein punch!  Stock up your freezer at work to save you from temptation.   😉