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River workout

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but rather a habit.” -Aristotle


How do you see exercise? It is a chore that you have to do most days? Or is it a part of your day; something you choose to do.

My friends, Joe and Karly, are visiting me in Nashville. Because they are on vacation we could have chosen to go grab some drinks on Broadway. Instead, we first chose to squeeze in a quick cross fit style workout.

We did 3 circuits x3. The c station is the workout timer.

1a. Pushup Walkovers
1b. Neider / Push Press
1c. Stair sprints

2a. Left leg Russian squats
2b. Right leg Russian squats
2c. 20 med ball squat jumps

3a. Left leg RDL hops
3b. Right leg RDL hops
3c. 50 Tricep dips

We were done in 45 minutes. Our habit bought us 4 guilt free beers on Broadway. What do your habits do for you?

summer routine

Summer Routine


Summer time in Seattle is awesome!! When the sun comes out the entire PNW population has a smile on their face. A sunny day in Seattle is like a snow day for a child! Productivity halts as everyone rejoices and celebrates the sun’s presence.  This is all wonderful, but with all these celebrations seems to come skip workouts, glasses of chilled white wine, nice cold beers, and extra lbs (which don’t look good in those bikinis we are strutting around in!.)

So what can we do to keep up with our goals and still enjoy the rare sunny day?

1.  Run or get your workout in first thing in the morning.  It is only going to get hotter and more and more people are going to invite you to happy hour after work.  When the sun comes out, get that workout in first thing otherwise it will not happen!


2.  Diet too tends to suffer as well.  One of the biggest reasons is because when it is hot, you actually don’t feel as hungry.  This might sound like a good thing, but when you skip meals your body drains its reserves.  Eventually when you do have access to something that “sounds good” to eat you will over eat.  This most likely will be at happy hour when you are sitting on that sunny deck having your second beer and your “buddy” orders the nachos!


To keep your appetite in check make sure you still get your normal means with a decent amount of protein.  I know I don’t feel like cooking as much in the summer so I like to cook extra chicken and veggies so I can pull it out for lunches and eat it over salads or in mini trader joe’s pitas with humus and tzatziki sauce.  Remember the body is a like thermostat.  If you take care of it, it will tell you to eat when you NEED food.  If you are constantly putting junk in, it gets clogged and thinks you still need to keep eating.

The more you get normal means in during the day and keep up with your exercise the less harm that beer on a sunny deck throws you off your goals! 😉

summer routine