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Where to start?

where to startIt’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog.  In the interim I’ve thought often that I should write, but what do I write when I’ve been offline for so long?  I wanted a topic worthy of writing.  Something worth your time to read. The problem is my fitness routine has been as lackluster as my writing.  Don’t get me wrong I’ve been trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, however, while in between homes on my move the only word I can use to describe my fitness and diet is maintenance.

In that statement though lies the answer.  In a normal routine it it’s important to have goals.  Goals keep us on track and inspire us to make healthy decisions day in and day out.  What do you do though when you aren’t in a routine?  Do you justify eating corn dogs and hush puppies?  (My current location is North Carolina)  Or do you order the burger or chicken sandwich and 86 the bun?  Yes I agree the “normal” healthy diet isn’t always an option, but you always have a choice to choose the healthier alternative.  You may not be near your gym, but anyone can go out for a long walk.  Make yourself a mini cross fit workout.  25 body weight squats, 25 pushups, 20 lunges, and 20 v-ups can go a long way.

So I apologize, this blog may not be the most profound.  However, at the end of the day a small action is better than inaction.