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booty blasting arm toning workout

10 Min Booty Blasting Arm Toning Workout


Get your workout in with this 10 min cross fit style Booty Blasting Arm Toning Workout!

It’s quick and sure to boost your metabolism so you burn calories the rest of the day!


booty blasting arm toning workout

How many reps can you get total in 10 min?  Comment Below!


strength workout for runners

5 min Strength Workout for Runners

Check out this video for 5 min Strength Workout for Runners designed to work the entire body and strengthen to prevent injury!

[vsw id=”nDMLJ4VfLDM” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

pyramid workout

Pyramid Workout

pyramid workout

Pyramid Workout Work by Doing 10 Reps of everything 1x through.  Then 9, 8, etc. and so on until you hit 1 rep of each exercise (Only do 1 dash per round!)

How fast did you complete the workout?

Suicide Pyramid Workout

Here’s a killer arm workout with some sprints thrown in. suicide workoutWarm up by doing a set of clam shells then,

Jog a suicide (soccer suicide=running to the top of the goalie box and back, mid field and back, opposite goalie box and back, and full length and back)


When you finish you will have ran 2 miles and done 60 pushups, 90 neider presses, 90 push presses, and 180 bounces!  Nice job!