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pyramid workout

Pyramid Workout: Booty Kicker!

Pyramid Workout: Booty Kicker

pyramid workout



Here’s how this  pyramid workout works:  Do each exercise 10x through.  Then Sprint 50m, jog back and do 9 reps.  Sprint, jog, 8 reps.  So on and so forth until you do 1 rep of every exercise.

Post your time below!

Have a great workout!

Rainy Day Pyramid Workout


As it starts to get cold and rainy, even the toughest runners sometime feel like staying inside.  Or if you just can’t make

it to the gym and need to get your workout in for the day try this one.  All you need is a Mini Band and a set of Weights.   (Any size will work,  use what you have!)

Pyramid workouts work by starting with reps of 10 of each exercise 1x through.  Then you do 9 reps 1x through, then 8, 7, 6, and so on til you only have 1 rep to do of each exercise.

Work to do reps as quick as possible, but with the best form!

Post your time below!  Then you have a record in case you ever want to try it again!


This one kills the shoulders!!


Post your time below: