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Funky Monkey Protein Smoothie

protein smoothie


  • 1 Banana
  • 2 scoops protein
  • 1 tbs Sunflower Butter
  • 1/2 cup Coffee
  • 1 cup ice

Combine in a magic bullet and you have an awesome 320 cal 31g Protein, 31g CHO, and 10g Fat protein smoothie to refuel your body and keep you awake for boring office meetings or in late night lectures!

sweet potato

Sweet Potato Hash

This weeks’ training has started off strong.  Sunday I had a great long run!  Monday I had a medium distance recovery run in the sun + bikram yoga.  Tuesday I hit my best mile repeats in over a year + yoga!  Today I rest!  On the training calendar it says x-train or rest and my body said todays’ workout will be a long nap!

sweet potato

Training Calender. I put it on my fridge and cross off the workouts as I do them. I also put down anything that could get in the way of a long run in red so I plan ahead.

On rest days I need to be more focused about my diet because I’m not expended as many calories. For all my TBTers and 20/20 clients this post is for you. Here’s how to get all those veggies and protein in.

sweet potato

Start by sauteing a sweet potato. You want to get the edges lightly browned. Then add some veggies. I chose jalapenos, a sweet onion, and a red pepper. (I know I use the same veggies all the time but they are good ones for vitamins, flavor, and fiber.  Plus having my recipes stem from basics keeps grocery shopping quick and easy!)

sweet potato

One seasoning I like to use is Traders Joe’s everyday seasoning.

everyday seasoning

Everyday seasoning is great because it brings out flavor, but has less sodium than table salt.

Then I add a meat protein. I like to keep chicken sausages or morning star breakfast links in the freezer. –EXTRA PROTEIN compared to going without!!

After the meat has defrosted and begun cooking I finally throw in the last part of my Trader Joe’s Beet Salad.–I know that one is a little weird, but I have to get the beets in.  They have so many vitamins and I swear they give me energy! 🙂

sweet potato

Sweet Potato, jalapeno, Onions, Peppers, Morning Star Sausage, Beets!

Then I add Spinach!

sweet potato

Spinach is a good source of iron. But you have to eat A LOT!!! But that is ok because it is very very low in calories. So cook it. It cooks down and leaves you full!

Yes like a lot of spinach!  It will leave you feeling full and don’t worry it cooks down a lot!

sweet potato

Finally time to add the eggs.  Tonight I opt’ed for 4 but feel free to add more or less depending on your protein and calorie needs.  I also use the full egg.  If you have high cholesterol you should just use the whites but then add more eggs!

sweet potato

See I told you the Spinach cooks down! There is hardly any green left 🙂


My meal was a total of 572 calories.  If you use only 3 eggs it is 500 calories.  Not bad for that HUGE plate of food.  I couldn’t even eat it all….so I have breakfast or a mid morning snack for tomorrow!…and I’ll need it too because the long interval workout just bumped up from 4 miles last week to 5 miles tomorrow!




A west side Saturday run

One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday morning is to escape to the west side to get a run in.  Despite some obstacles;….ok just one but the 520 bridge being closed is a MAJOR headache of an obstacle, we made it to the designated meeting spot Blue Star Pub and Cafe.

On the eastside I was surrounded by men. The westside brings out my ladies

I always like to meet at a restuarant.

1. It is easier to find a business with a smart phone then it is to find a location

2.  You can eat there after!   So pick a good one.  Some of my favorite on the west side near runs are:

  • Blue Star Pub and Cafe – Greenlake one outer lap is 3.1 if you park at Blue star and do 1 inner 1 outer loop you get 7.1 miles
  • Portage Bay – Lake Union Lake union is a good 7ish mile run
  • Celtic Swell – West Seattle gorgeous run on the water! 3-15 miles down and back runs!
  • 5 Spot – Upper Queen Anne (Kerry Park run) the Queen anne loop can be a 3-5 miles run if you do a loop

Camille running through some Cherry Blossoms

We ran the greenlake route doing an outer loop first then jumped into the inner usually more crowded loop.  The inner loop was our better option though because of the mud and puddles that tend to occupy Seattle pathways.

Getting back we were all Starvin Marvins!  Look at all the food we ordered!:











Many of us even reached the clean plate club!  Awesome run ladies!  Thank you for joining me 🙂