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How do you know if you have proper running technique?

In response to my post Erector Spinae I was asked, “How does one know whether or not they have good posture?”  My answer to that is simple, check yourself out!  As you are running by a building, check out your reflection.  You should look like this:Proper Run Technique

Notice how this woman’s chest is tall.  Not hunched like the man below.  (Especially in the “mid” phase!)  There is a 45 degree angle from her take off foot though her chest illustrating a great forward tilt.  Some other great mechanics to note are her right dorsiflexed foot as it leaves the ground, her high knee drive, and the 90 degree bend in her elbows.

proper running technique

Many people attempting to have good posture will find themselves bending at the waist like the illustrated man above.  Also noticed how he doesn’t keep his feet underneath his body during the swing phase with his overstride and heel strike.  Form like this will often lead to shin splints or knee issues.

So next time you are running by a building with reflective mirrors check yourself out.  It isn’t arrogant, it’s just a tool to being a better running.  I bet the more the you do it, the better you will look 😉