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shoe rules

Steve Remy’s Runner’s Rule 3.1

Hi Runners,

As race day gets closer, it’s time to start thinking about your running shoes.

“Rule 3.1 Call Them Running Shoes

shoe rules

They aren’t sneakers or tennis shoes or kicks or trainers (sorry Brits).  They are running shoes.  So call them that.” -Steve Remy

Do your running shoes need to be replaced?  Most running shoes will continue to do what they are intended to for 500 miles.  After that, the support begins to give out.  Unfortunately, that is usually close to race day if you have been training diligently.

So do it right.  Buy them now, a month out, so you have time to wear them in the right way.  You never want to wear a brand new pair on race day. (Think crazy blisters!)  When you go to buy new shoes, do it right.  Go to a running store and have a specialist watch your stride.  (Super Jock N’ Jill, Roadrunners, and Fleet Feet are all excellent stores to try in Seattle!)  Especially if you have been working on form or have started to develop new aches you didn’t have earlier in training, your foot strike has probably changed.   Running shoes are made differently to support the different ways people run.  If your stride has changed, this is yet again another reason why it is important to make your change soon–way before race day!

“Rule 3.2 Before you Remove New Running Shoes from the Box, you MUST Smell Them.

Open the box.  Peel back the tissue paper.  Behold those pristine shoes.  Then lift the box to your face and breathe deeply.

Mm-m-m.  Smells like…potential.

And possibly formaldehyde or something.  But mostly potential.”-Steve Remy

Make sure you have good shoes for race day!  And if that does involve getting new ones…give them a sniff 🙂