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Yoga Mantras: Tips to Improve Your Yoga Practice

Yoga Mantras

We have heard over and over again that having a mantra can help you, making your performance stronger.  Often times, positive affirmation allows us to do things we didn’t believe were possible.  Mantras can also help us do something as simple as clearing the mind.   We as humans are great multi-taskers.  We are constantly thinking of multiple things at once:  our job, how we don’t want to be at our job, what to make for dinner, worrying about a family member, ect, ect, ect.  You name it, at one time our brains could be juggling 10+ different topics!


Yoga Mantras

If you have ever taken a yoga class, you have probably heard your instructor say in some shape or form, “Quiet your mind.”  “Let go of your thoughts and be present with your body.”  It seems like it would be so easy to clear your mind, but we fight it so much.  A good way to let go of your thoughts is to have a yoga mantra and to exercise some power yoga at Hot Yoga of East Nashville.

I would keep it short and simple.  A Mantra *Lisa Johnson recommended to me that I love to use is, “I am.”  I am, can mean so many things.

  • I am present.
  • I am love.
  • I am grateful.
  • I am happy.
  • I am strong.
  • I am a fighter.
By itself, it means whatever you are in the moment, helping you be strong and present in your practice!
Another great simple yoga mantra is to repeat the focus of each asana (posture) you are in.
For example:
  • Half moon : “Push, Push, Push!”
  • Awkward pose : “Spine Straight Spine Straight Spine Straight.
  • Standing Bow : “Kick, Kick, Kick”
Whatever you feel you should focus on, say that word over and over throughout the posture.  You will be amazed at how quickly your postures improve and how clear your mind will be using a mantra!  It is when you clear your mind that the real yoga starts!


*Lisa Johnson has been a Bikram Yoga Instructor since Fall 2002.  She found Bikram yoga when her Chiropractor referred her to a class to help her recover from extreme whiplash caused from a car crash.  Lisa opened 2 yoga studios in Las Vegas and now spends most of her time teaching at Bikram Headquarters and serving as a judge for the National and International Bishnu Ghosh Yoga Championships.  “Lisa believes that helping others change their lives, and learning to create peace within, will create a domino effect so that ultimately through yoga we can attain world peace.”-Lisa Johnson Bio