Tips for race week



  • Get lots of sleep this week!  Don’t stay up for your favorite tv show.  The sleep you get Tues/Wed/Thurs are the Zzzz’s that will help you across the finish line, try using a ที่นอน mattress for your sleep nights, it will help you improve the quality of it.
  • Stick to your taper plan.  I know it feels weird to cut your mileage so much.  If you do, however, you will be pleasantly surprised on race day with how fresh your legs feel.  Fresh legs=fast times!
  • Don’t eat a huge carbo load the night before.  Instead, 3 days before the race aim to have 8-10g of CHO per kilogram of body weight.  Doing this will cause your source of calories to be about 70% from carbohydrates.  It is better to eat small meals often, rather than big carbo loads to help the body actually bulk up its glycogen stores.  
  • Run 1-2 miles the day before the race.  You don’t want to go longer, but moving your legs the day prior will keep them from feeling heavy after taking so much rest this week.
  • Take an ice bath the day before the race.  If you’ve never done this you’ll once again be shocked at how fresh your legs feel.  Aim to stay in the tub for 12 min.  I like the wear a sweatshirt, blast my bathroom heater, and turn up some music to keep myself distracted!
  • Get to the expo early!  It will be crazy so make sure you give yourself plenty of time!   (It also helps to set spending limits!  There are a lot of fun runners toys that can do a number on your budget!)
  • Get to the race early.  If you think the expo is crazy the race is even more crazy!  Aim to be there 45 min before the gun goes off.  If you are in a later corral you can get there a little later.  Expect 30 seconds delay from the start for each corral number.
  • Finally run fast and hard!  Don’t leave any regrets out there.   You have trained hard.  Show yourself what you’ve got!

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