Today I pressed snooze. A training report dedicated to my mom.

This morning when i went to get up at 4:30, I pressed snooze.  I normally need to get my run out of the way before work, but today was supposed to be a gorgeous sunny day and I wanted to try out my new nike+ gadget!  If you are a PNW take advantage of our rare sunny days to get some natural vitamin D!

imageIt was a gorgeous day and according to my nike + my recovery run went a lot better than I expected.  That is the fun part about getting outside, sometimes you run faster than the speed you would set on the treadmill!

See where I stopped to take a picture?...It didn't turn out 🙁

I also hit the 4:30 yoga class to stretch after my run.

Recovery food for the night is beef stew that has been slow cooking since yesterday!


I made it with beef for stew chunks from trader joes, a red onion, carrots, Jalepenos, red pepper, yellow pepper, white kidney beans, cumin, potatoes, and a grains mixture.


Calories 200
CHO 12g
Fat 12.8g
Fiber 1.2g
Pro 13.28

For dessert tonight I have some tangerine tart



Dad may have taught me to cook but my momma taught me to bake tasty treats….for days that I sweat my butt off! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Today I pressed snooze. A training report dedicated to my mom.

  1. Mom

    Who else enjoyed your tangerine tart with you? It looks yummy (and I want some of your beef stew, too)!!!! I’m so glad you wanted to make it. I love you. What a surprise I had when I read you dedicated this blog to me. 🙂


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